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The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation

The Nathan Chris Baker Foundation was created after the tragic death of kindergartner, Nate Baker. A tragedy that prompted a family and community to come together to raise funds for two failing playgrounds at Mechanicsville Elementary School in Sykesville, MD.


Before the start of the school year Nate’s parents, Justin and Katie Baker, attended a PTA meeting where they learned that the two playgrounds at the school would need to be replaced. Astounded that the PTA was responsible for raising the funds, Chris and Katie asked for donations in lieu of flowers to honor Nate’s memory and his love of playing outside.


Since the initial playground efforts, The Foundation has donated over $80,000 in Nathan’s memory and branched out to support others in the community through a wide array of efforts.


The purpose of the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation is to provide financial, physical, and emotional support to individuals, families and communities in need. The support focuses on many areas, to include academic and athletic opportunities, that promote and develop the strength, confidence, and abilities needed to Go Out and Be Great.


Client, Colleen Gallagher, is proud to serve as a board member of the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation, as well as, a founding member of the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation “Days of Greatness.”


The “Days of Greatness” help select individuals and families in need with both financial and emotional support. The foundation works to help these families put their troubles aside and enjoy each other more, cherish special time together and make lasting memories.


The foundations efforts do not stop there. In addition to fundraising for the construction of playgrounds both large and small, they are distributing care packages for individuals and families experiencing emotion and physical hardships, supporting children through scholarships to participate in various local sports programs, and providing financial assistance to families pursing the adoption process to help orphans be unites with their forever family.


When asked the most rewarding part about working with the Nathan Chris Baker Foundation, Colleen said, “Honoring Nate’s memory and giving back to a community that has embraced and given back to the family so much. It’s very uplifting and like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”


An inspiring story that encourages all of us to Go Out and Be Great.